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  • Pine Nuts, Grade A, 950 ct
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Pine Nuts, Grade A, 950 ct

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From Hummingbird Wholesale

Our Organic Pine Nuts are the edible seeds from the cones of Organic Chinese Red Pines. After the pine cones are picked from the trees, the seeds are removed by cracking the cones. The seeds (or pinenuts) are then peeled before packaging.

These rich ivory pine nuts have a nutty mild flavor with a hint of pine oil.

Delicious and satisfying in pesto, or as a garnish in salads, baked goods (like cookies, nut brittle, biscotti)...or sprinkled onto roasted vegetables or grain salads.



Storage Info

Store in the refrigerator or freezer

Shelf Life

Best if used within 4 months of Julian date


Organic Pine Nuts


Pine Nuts