Our Story

In 2010, a small group of individuals proposed to bring healthy, locally sourced food to the Montavilla neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. Their vision was to open a co-op grocery store that would connect shoppers with local farmers and producers and function as a community gathering space. Since then, more than 750 people have joined and pledged their support for Montavilla Food Co-op (MFC).

We thank local Montavilla businesses and community members for their support, as well as the numerous volunteers that have organized fairs, BBQs, and potlucks to boost our numbers! Currently, MFC is focused on the search for a physical site with roughly 4,500–15,000-square feet of retail space, sufficient access for delivery trucks, and a parking lot that could potentially accommodate a farmers’ market.

While MFC will be open to anyone regardless of membership status, a one-time membership of $150 supports efforts to bring a store to the neighborhood. Once the store is open, member-owners will receive additional benefits such as a share of the co-op’s profits, access to member appreciation discount days, and the ability to vote on important decisions like new products!

If you’re new here, we invite you to be a part of the final push to open a co-op grocery story in Montavilla.

If you’re already part of the MFC community, thank you for your continued support!