Meet the Board

The draft agenda for upcoming board meetings can be found here.

An archive of approved meeting minutes can be found here.


Courtney Yan

Courtney Yan - Treasurer

Courtney has been a Director and member of the Business Committee since 2018. Prior to moving (back) to Portland, she worked in Washington, DC developing standards for green buildings and resilient power systems. As a project manager, she brings a get-it-done attitude, excellent organizational skills, and an eye for process improvement. Passionate about environmental sustainability and community development, she is excited about the opportunity to support local food and the MFC community.

Christian Parker

Christian Parker - President

Christian has been a Director since 2019 and President since 2020. He is a quantitative ecologist by training and owner of a company that provides technical expertise and assistance to clients that work in various environmental fields. Originally from Michigan, Christian moved out to Portland for graduate school and has been a Montavilla resident since 2007. Interested in issues related to food and sustainability, he would really like to see a grocery of some kind open up in Montavilla and has been looking for ways to get more involved.
Alex Warnes

Alex Warnes - Secretary

Alex joined the board at the end of 2020. He recently moved to Montavilla and was excited to see the Montavilla Food Coop is working to bring even more good food and community to the area. He’s very interested in helping to build the community of the co-op. Alex is originally from Salem, OR and moved to Portland in 2006. He is a software engineer who loves building things to help others succeed.
Mia Jones

Mia Jones - Board Member

Mia joined the board in July 2023. Originally from Chicago, Mia moved to Portland in 2005. She moved to the Montavilla area in 2016 and opened Pine Village School. Pine Village is a mindfulness preschool caring for families and young children. She believes in interdependence and building strong communities through engagement and opportunities for connection. Mia envisions a grocery story that serves and strengthens the community and improves the quality of life for the people it serves.

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