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  • Maple Syrup, Very Dark & Strong
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Maple Syrup, Very Dark & Strong

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Our pure Organic Maple Syrup comes from a family-owned 600 acre tree farm located in Vermont. For the last 40 years they have grown to become a company known for producing award-winning maple products, while building long-term relationships with other farmers who share a vision of forest stewardship. This co-op of farmers manage over 100,000 acres of trees.

A message from the farmer:

"We know maple—from soil to roots, trunk and twigs, from history to modern technology, from sap chemistry to flavor analysis, from bulk value to value-added—maple is what we know and invest in for ourselves and those with whom we share the title of sugarmaker.

Maple is full-time for us. Pure Organic Maple Syrup is a natural, essentially wild-crafted product made by boiling down the sap of maple trees. [It] is a beautiful dark syrup with a strong maple flavor. No additives or preservatives are used."

Our Maple Syrup has a strong maple flavor and slight caramel taste and a dark color. It is preferred by some for table use, and its strong flavor makes it best for cooking. It is the darkest consumer grade available.

Recently the International Maple Syrup Institute created a labeling system that unifies the grading of maple syrup. Consumers will have a better idea of what kind of syrup they are buying based on taste as opposed to perceived level of quality. Pure maple syrup will all be labeled Grade A.

The change will classify maple syrup based on color and include a flavor descriptor, giving consumers an idea of how color reflects the flavor profile—?for the palate or recipe. For example, our Organic Maple Syrup Grade B label will read “Organic Maple Syrup Grade A, Very Dark & Strong”? after the change. We may have both labels on our Organic Maple Syrup during this transition.

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Storage Info

Store in the refrigerator 

Shelf Life

Best if used within 3 years of Julian date


Pure Organic Maple Syrup